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Detail AK is your full service auto detailing shop in located in downtown Anchorage. We take great pride in our auto detailing services and our customers satisfaction is our number one concern. We will always treat your vehicle as if it was our own. We offer a wide range of car detailing services and products to restore your car, truck, suv or van and make it look better than the day you got it. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For the exterior of your car in most cases our silver or gold auto detailing packages will hide light scratches and leave your car with a deep glossy shine. Our basic rubber and plastic treatment will restore the finish of lightly faded plastics and rubber and help them stay looking great. We will have the outside of your ride looking amazing with a deep mirror finish.

Our interior auto detailing packages will remove stains, dirt, and light odors with our shampoo service. We clean and condition all your interior plastics and rubber to help them shine and last. If you have a leather interior our basic interior detail will help preserve it and prevent cracking by cleaning and conditioning it. If you have a leather interior that is excessively dirty or that has never been cleaned and conditioned you may require a leather restoration service for the best result.

Gold Class Auto Detailing Package $269
This is our full Gold Class Auto Detailing Package Full Interior Steam Clean and Shampoo Exterior Paint Clean and Wax
Platinum Full Auto Detailing Package $369
Full Interior Detail No Expense Spared Exterior Paint Clean, Polish & Wax Engine Steam Clean
Platinum Class Interior Auto Detailing Package $189.99
With our Platinum Class Interior auto detailing Package we break out every tool and option possible to get your interior looking amazing.
Gold Class Interior Auto Detailing $119
Vacuum and Shampoo the Interior of your car.
Silver Interior Auto Detailing Package $49.99
Silver Interior Auto Detailing Package Basic wipe down and vacuum of the interior of your vehicle.